Buyer’s Guide: Best Cloud-Based Backup Services for Businesses 2024


Introduction: The Importance of Cloud-Based Backup Services for Businesses

Is your data secure? In an era defined by digital information, businesses, small or large, should always have a strategic response to this crucial question. Cloud-based backup services for business are a dependable shield against data loss, ensuring the continuity and security of your operations.

In a world that is increasingly moving towards remote work and mobile access, protecting your data is more essential than ever. From unexpected cyber-attacks and human error to natural disasters, the threats are persistent and varied. But, with a wise choice of cloud-based backup services, you can not only defend your business against such risks but also benefit from quick data recovery, scalable storage options, and significant cost savings.

Further, as organizations continue embracing the public cloud in their operations, cloud backup is becoming an integral part of data protection. Whether used as a backup target or for protecting cloud-native workloads, cloud backup services are expanding their role and relevance in business data management.

At ETTE, we understand the importance of your data to your organization. We’re here to guide you through the myriad of options available in the ever-growing universe of cloud-based backup services.

To give you a quick insight:

  • Cloud Storage: Using cloud storage as a backup target is among the most common ways to safeguard your data.
  • Cloud-Native Workloads Protection: As businesses expand their reliance on SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, cloud backup platforms are simplifying the protection of cloud-native workloads.
  • Endpoint Protection: With the rise of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, endpoint protection has emerged as a crucial need, safeguarding devices outside the traditional business perimeters.

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As we delve deeper into this guide, we will most assuredly streamline your search for a cloud backup service that fits your business needs by providing a closer look at some top players in the market.

Evaluating the Best Cloud-Based Backup Services for Businesses

When it comes to evaluating cloud-based backup services for businesses, there are several key players that stand out due to their robust features, reliable service, and competitive pricing. This section provides an in-depth look at these services, highlighting the key features and pricing of each, to help you make an informed decision.

Carbonite Safe: Comprehensive Data Protection for Businesses

Carbonite Safe - cloud based backup services for business

Carbonite Safe offers unlimited cloud backup for personal use, providing automatic and continuous backup. It is an excellent choice for small businesses who require constant data protection. Carbonite uses 128-bit Blowfish encryption to protect your data during transmission and storage, ensuring your sensitive information is kept safe from unauthorized access. It also employs guard measures against ransomware attacks, further enhancing its security measures.

Pricing and Discounts of Carbonite Safe

Carbonite’s pricing is based on protected capacity per computer, per month. Some business plans are billed at a flat rate. For detailed pricing information and potential discounts, you can check the ETTE’s Data Backup Services page.

CrashPlan: Tailored Backup Solution for Small Businesses

CrashPlan - cloud based backup services for business

CrashPlan is the only backup service that caters exclusively to small businesses. It offers a pleasant user experience, great speed, and excellent security and privacy. Despite some missing features like disk imaging, multithreading, and backups for mobile and NAS devices, CrashPlan still offers an array of impressive features such as hybrid, server and external drive backup, unlimited versioning, and extensive throttling controls.

Comparing CrashPlan with Acronis Cyber Backup

While both CrashPlan and Acronis Cyber Backup offer robust features, the choice between them depends on your business needs. If you’re looking for unlimited storage and a service built exclusively for businesses, CrashPlan is a strong contender. However, if your business requires flexible server locations and a feature-rich backup solution for unlimited devices, Acronis Cyber Backup may be a better fit.

IDrive: Versatile Backup for Personal Users and Small Businesses

IDrive - cloud based backup services for business

IDrive offers a comprehensive solution for cloud backup and storage. It supports an unlimited number of devices per account, real-time backup for continuously protected data, and file versioning. For enhanced security, IDrive uses 256-bit AES encryption during transfer and storage, and an optional private key encryption.

Hybrid Backups with IDrive

IDrive provides both cloud and local backup solutions, offering you the flexibility to choose the backup approach that best suits your business needs. To learn more about hybrid backups, visit our Data Backup Service page.

Zoolz: Large-Scale Device Backup with Unlimited Access

Zoolz - cloud based backup services for business

Zoolz offers a cloud backup solution that is ideal for small businesses requiring large-scale device backups. It provides unlimited access to backed-up files and comes with an easy-to-use interface. However, it only offers a limited storage capacity, which may not be sufficient for businesses with large volumes of data.

Comparing Zoolz with BigMIND Business

BigMIND Business stands out with its good cloud photo management and file streaming. However, Zoolz’s strength lies in its large-scale device backup. Both services offer competitive pricing, so the choice between them would depend on your specific business needs.

Backblaze: User-Friendly Backup Solution with Quick Setup

Backblaze - cloud based backup services for business

Backblaze for Business offers unlimited data storage and a user-friendly setup. It’s a great fit for businesses looking for a simple and reliable backup solution. Backblaze uses military-grade encryption to keep your data safe, ensuring your data is handled securely and ethically.

Limitations of Backblaze

While Backblaze offers a robust backup solution, it lacks certain features such as multithreading, courier recovery, and disk imaging. Therefore, businesses requiring these features might need to consider other options.

Choosing the Right Cloud-Based Backup Service for Your Business

When it comes to selecting the best cloud based backup services for business, there are several factors to consider. Here at ETTE, we recommend that businesses prioritize the following key areas:

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Cloud Backup Service

Performance: As per the advice from TechTarget, you need to consider the service’s ability to meet recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) service-level requirements.

Security: It’s vital to ensure your data is secure. Look for services that offer robust encryption and private keys to prevent unauthorized access.

Efficiency: With limited bandwidth and service-level objectives, the efficiency of data transfer to and from the cloud is crucial. Look for services that offer WAN optimization and efficient block-level deduplication.

Content Management: Value-added services like ransomware detection, search and e-discovery, and archiving can be helpful for businesses.

Data Mobility: Depending on your business needs, you may want to consider how easily data can be moved between on-premises and the public cloud.

Feature Depth: Ensure the cloud backup platform supports features that align with your business needs and compare how mature these features are compared to traditional data protection products.

Cost: Lastly, ensure you understand the cost structure of the cloud backup service. This includes licensing fees and potential charges for moving data out of the public cloud.

Adapting to the Changing Requirements of Hybrid Workplaces

In today’s hybrid work environment, businesses are increasingly relying on cloud solutions to enable seamless collaboration and data access from anywhere. As such, evaluate cloud backup services based on how well they can adapt to these changing requirements.

For example, does the service offer easy data mobility between on-premises and public cloud? Can it efficiently handle the increased data traffic from remote workers? How well does it integrate with other cloud services you’re using?

At ETTE, we understand that choosing the right cloud backup service can be a complex process. Our experienced IT specialists can guide you through the selection process, helping you identify the right cloud services and resources for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for online data backup, offsite backup, or managed cloud services, we’re here to help.

In the next section, we’ll conclude our buyer’s guide by discussing the role of cloud backup in data protection and what the future holds for cloud-based backup services for businesses.

Conclusion: Implementing a Robust Backup Strategy for Business Continuity

Implementing a robust backup strategy is crucial for business continuity. As businesses continue to generate and handle vast amounts of data, the need for reliable and secure data protection solutions has never been greater. With the rise of remote work and hybrid workplace models, the role of cloud backup in data protection has become increasingly prominent.

The Role of Cloud Backup in Data Protection

Cloud backup plays a significant role in ensuring business continuity and protecting against data loss. By using cloud-based backup services for businesses, organizations can securely store and access their data remotely, providing a safety net in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as system failures, cyber-attacks, or natural disasters.

As our expert at ETTE, Lawrence Guyot, emphasizes, “Cloud backup not only serves as a safety measure for your data but also a vital tool for ensuring business continuity. Regardless of the scale of your operations, securing your data with cloud backup is a strategic move that can save your organization from potential loss and downtime.”

Cloud backup also complements disaster recovery plans, serving as an insurance policy for your data. If your primary server is compromised, your cloud backup allows you to restore your data and resume operations as quickly as possible, minimizing disruption to your business.

The Future of Cloud-Based Backup Services for Businesses

Looking ahead, the future of cloud-based backup services for businesses is promising. As businesses increasingly appreciate the value of data and the risks associated with data loss, the demand for secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud backup solutions is expected to rise.

Trends predict a move towards more automated and scalable solutions. Cloud-based backup, in particular, is expected to grow in popularity due to its cost-effectiveness, scalability, and ease of access. “We stay at the forefront of these trends, offering advanced backup solutions tailored to your specific business needs. We understand the critical role of cloud backup in ensuring business continuity and are committed to offering solutions that provide maximum protection for your data,” Guyot adds.

No matter how technology evolves, the core principles of data protection, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness will remain the same. As we navigate through the digital landscape, businesses should continue to prioritize robust backup strategies to ensure business continuity and secure their most valuable asset: data.

For more information on cloud backup and data protection solutions, we invite you to explore our cloud solutions and data backup services.

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