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Quality VoIP for Business. Communicate Better.

At ETTE, we believe communication is essential to keep a business going. This is why we partnered with Jive for Voice over IP services to provide high-quality phone services for our clients. Jive is a top-rated cloud-based VoIP provider that offers comprehensive telephony services at a fraction of the cost of standard analog or digital phone system providers. With Jive’s all-in-one solution, your organization will no longer have to worry about users having different lines, providers, and carriers.

With VoIP, organizations can have all of their numbers in one single extension, reachable from anywhere in the country. Your organizational communications system integrates fully with your IT environment, no matter the disparate providers or devices your organization uses. Jive includes the provision for voice to data transfers, so your users can now send and receive fax via the Internet and receive your voice-messages and texts on their email. Jive also supports organizational telephone functions that permit your organization to keep the communication flowing by having our auto-attendant receiving calls.

Callers can select dial-by-name directory, extensions, voice-message, or even hear a brief company information message. These features eliminate busy lines or unanswered calls. ETTE can help you configure your VoIP system to meet your unique organizational needs. We will train users on how to use phone functions such as voice-mail, and scheduling. Combined with one or more of the security services ETTE offers, your organization can have safe, secure, and affordable VoIP services. Contact us today!

What is Voice Over IP (VoIP)?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology used primarily to place regular telephone calls over the Internet. However, since VoIP technology mirrors a digital telephone line, it can deliver anything a regular telephone can deliver. Examples include data files, faxes, pictures, multimedia files, and of course voice communications.VoIP hardware can range from standard analog telephones adapted for VoIP use, workstation and laptop setups that can stand alone or in concert with USB-connected VoIP phones, or dedicated VoIP phones that operate independently of a computer system.

An organization may connect VoIP hardware wired or wirelessly to its IT environment. A VoIP system also requires a service provider. While some services, such as Skype, are free, they provide limited service offerings, fewer connections (more busy signals), and lower audio quality and reliability. Paid service providers typically provide enhanced services such as voicemail, voice and text to email conversions, call forwarding, extensions (for organizational clients), toll free numbers, local phone numbers, teleconferencing services and call analytics.

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