Cloud Services

Cloud computing leads the IT industry as the preferred choice because it is a reliable, convenient and affordable approach for organizations of all sizes. Cloud solutions offers nearly unlimited data storage, high speeds and wide bandwidth. Moreover, with the landscape of IT technology now so complex and constantly changing, a monthly managed cloud-based system includes automatic systems upgrades on a regular basis, keeping your systems up to date with the latest equipment, applications, and operating environment. At ETTE, we understand how important it is to get the best cloud services available. ETTE can help your organization with these key services:


At ETTE, we believe communication is essential to keep a business going. This is why we partnered with Jive for Voice over IP services to provide high-quality phone services for our clients. Jive is a top rated cloud-based VoIP provider that offers comprehensive telephony services at a fraction of the cost of standard analog or digital phone system providers.

ETTE’s Managed Cloud

Private cloud infrastructure is an IT environment where the physical equipment is hosted remotely (“in the cloud”), but the organization is responsible for the management of the IT environment, security, and infrastructure. In contrast, a public cloud is a managed service where the environment is managed by a trusted service provider. Between these two services are hybrid solutions where an organization manages specific elements, and a service provider manages others.
Cloud Computing

Public Cloud

A cloud is an IT environment where an organization’s computing resources are housed and accessed over the Internet. In a public cloud, those resources are owned by a third party provider and accessed as a service by a customer base. An organization’s entire IT environment can be cloud-based, or a subset of elements, such as the operating infrastructure (operating systems), user applications (such as Microsoft Office 360), data, developer tools and testing environments, and network security elements.

Data Backup

ETTE provides their clients with secure data backup and recovery as part of its surprisingly affordable cloud solutions. As part of our services, we will meet with your organization and have an in-depth discussion of your data and backup recovery needs. We will set up minor and major backups at intervals that allow your business to remain agile and operate with minimal intrusion and delay from the backup system. We will incorporate strategies to ensure disconnectable hardware, such as laptops and USB storage systems are included in the backup strategy.