Virtual CIO – ETTE

As your virtual CIO, Lawrence Guyot is available to help in evaluating, selecting, and implementing technologies within the organization. Lawrence brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your executive table, providing insight and valuable advice any time your organization requires.
ETTE will utilize its network of vendors and industry contacts to ensure your organization not only gets the best of the breed of technologies but also at a fair price. Whether its the latest in data mining techniques or a challenging system evaluation process, your Virtual CIO is available to “bounce ideas off” and help you procure the best-fit solution at the best price.Through a structured planning process, ETTE will listen to your organization’s needs and help align your technology strategy accordingly. In short, an effective CIO is at the intersection of technology and running an effective business. Virtual CIO includes:

Quarterly technology alignment meetings to ensure your IT investments are aligned with your organizational strategy

CIO-level advisory and involvement in systems implementation and governance process

Budgetary guidance and development assistance

Managed IT Services

Ad-hoc technology inquiries (“What do you think about Product X?”, “Can you review this proposal from Vendor Y?”, etc.)

Takes steps to remediate inefficient processes and keeps technologies current with business needs

Help senior management choose business-enhancing technology

With this service, you can leverage ETTE’s years of experience working with dozens of organizations and vendors to maximize your technology investments. It can also save you from selecting the wrong technologies that can and often result in very expensive outlays and loss of productivity. This service extends well beyond traditional IT Managed Services and Help Desk, putting a seasoned IT executive in your corner working on your most challenging organizational issues.

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