Takeaways from COVID-19’s Effect on Cybersecurity

Takeaways from COVID-19’s Effect on Cybersecurity

2020 brought a lot of new challenges to cybersecurity – challenges that changed the way cybersecurity 2021 will look. So many people working from home caused commercial cybersecurity to flip upside down. No longer were companies securing a single location. They had to secure the computers of employees working from home.

One could blame cybersecurity professionals for falling into a pattern. However, quarantine and remote working came quicker than anyone could ever predict. The good news is that the pandemic has taught us all valuable lessons. Moving forward, these cybersecurity lessons will prevent chaos should another pandemic appear in the future.

Cybersecurity Post-Pandemic

Let’s take a look at a few of the cybersecurity lessons we learned in 2020 and how we can use our newfound knowledge moving forward. Hopefully, we can learn the cybersecurity best practices.

  • Stop Assuming Security Flaws Don’t Exist

Cybersecurity experts have often assumed that certain parts of the software supply chain are secure. They think there is no one security that can be compromised at certain access points. This has come back to bite us in 2020. Certain areas of the supply chain were made extremely vulnerable due to remote learning.

  • Share With Caution

Phishers can be very convincing, especially if they really want your data. Companies that are just beginning to work remotely are especially at risk. Companies need to secure their email and chat software to ensure no nefarious users try to phish their employees.

  • Be Weary of Attachments

Several types of files can be attached via email. A file that you believe to be a PDF or image file could be a dangerous executable that could take over your entire network.

  • Create Distance

Don’t allow your networks and storage databases to be too interwoven. If any computer can access all of your data, then you are extremely vulnerable.

  • Watch For Exposures

Any vulnerability will be exploited by hackers. Always use a good firewall and security software.

  • Educate Your Employees

Alert all of your employees about common security threats. If they are aware of certain attacks, they will be able to avoid them.

  • Use Encryption

Keep your important data encrypted. Don’t leave anything readable by the general public. Cybersecurity post-pandemic will focus on keeping important data encrypted.

  • Stay Up To Date

Always keep your security software up to date. New vulnerabilities are discovered all the time. Let’s keep cybersecurity 2021 up to date.


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