Running Cyber Security Exercises

Running Cyber Security Exercises

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It can be a difficult task trying to secure your information, even if you have a top-notch security system in place. With cybercriminals on the loose and multiple breaches in top companies such as Twitter, it is clear that you’re never as secure as you think. Although many companies understand the security procedures and defenses needed to keep their companies safe, they are still not up to par because they find it time-consuming. Running simulations known as cyber-security exercises that mimics a cyber-attack will give your company insights into what will happen if there is indeed a hack. These cyber-security exercises verify the effectiveness and weakness of your system.

There are many benefits of doing a cybersecurity exercise, and below, you will find 10.

  1. Recognizing your strength
    While a lot of focus is placed on finding weaknesses in your system, little emphasis is on identifying what is working. Using smart strategies and policies can be effective such as using your strongest employees to train incoming personnel.
  2. Upgrading your response
    Running a cyber-security exercise will enable you to improve your response time in the future, either by showing you that your system is working effectively or that you should try a different approach.
  3. Training staff
    Doing a cyber-security exercise allows an organization to train staff to deal with cyber-attacks, allowing them to gain experience.
  4. Determining timescales and costs
    A cybersecurity exercise will inform you exactly how long it will take to bring your system back to normal and the cost involved; these cybersecurity practices will allow your company to build a better defense against cyber-attacks.
  5. Ascertaining Outside costs
    Running a cyber-security exercise will help ascertain if a company can handle a hack without involving a professional outside the organization and how quickly they can fix the problem.
  6. Accumulating Metrics
    A cyber-security exercise can collect data to determine if your system can handle an attack and how efficiently it responded; this will guide your company in implementing different strategies.
  7. Recognizing your flaws
    Cybersecurity exercises allow your company to find all its flaws before a cyber-attack happens, allowing for better training or more experienced personnel.
  8. Modernizing your policies
    If your standard, guidelines, and policies are not sufficient, then they require improvement. Having effective policies and strategies can help reduce the damage that comes with a cyber-attack.
  9. Obtaining non-compliant risks
    The value of a breach from a service-attack will cost a lot. Running a cybersecurity exercise can help to find non-compliance areas so you can fix them before it’s too late.
  10. Improving threat awareness
    Lacking awareness of cyber-attacks and the scale of damage can be detrimental to any company, and failure to recognize these risks and fix them will cost you even more.

Rehearsing is a critical factor, especially with cyber-security. Getting your team ready for the actual event can save you from experiencing unnecessary damage. A hack is inevitable, but how you respond will be a deciding factor of how much impact you got. Cybersecurity exercises and cybersecurity practices can build awareness, test your company’s defense and shows its strength and weaknesses.

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