Project Amplify: Facebook starts a new initiative in an attempt to defend their image

Recently, Facebook has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. With scandals ranging from Cambridge Analytica to Russia’s interference with their platform, many are questioning whether or not Facebook is still trustworthy. As a result, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook’s latest initiative: Project Amplify.

The goal of Project Amplify is to offer a better service to publishers

Facebook project Amplify is a way of trying to make a change in the world. It aims to give a better deal for publishers and developers on their platform. Currently, many people believe that Facebook takes advantage of its users and also content providers. With this initiative, they hope that they can win over the trust of those who question their actions as well as those who have left them since these scandals have come out.

Facebook will work with publishers and developers

Facebook Project Amplify, is partnering up with many different media companies. They hope to offer a better service to better serve their customers. Facebook claims that it will create even more opportunities for content and is working with several news and entertainment publishers on this initiative. They will also ensure relevant content is available to specific communities on Facebook. These tweaks will help the site become more personalized for users.

Facebook aims to provide a better deal for publishers

Instead of paying users like they once did, Facebook is now adding value to its relationship with publishers. They are offering tools that will help engage with their customers and offer new ways to do their work. They will also provide developers with a better deal. In the past, they have been known to take a percentage of their earnings from paid content. With this initiative, they are allowing publishers to set their prices for their products on Facebook.

Facebook enters the advertising space

While this is a great initiative for many individual publishers and developers, it is concerning for those who make money from ads. In the past, Facebook has been known to favor some companies over others. This is a new way that they are trying to find new opportunities for those who rely on their service as an advertising space. What this means for those who keep their accounts and pages active and post regularly is unknown at this point.


Whether this new initiative will make any difference remains to be seen. One thing is certain though; Facebook is not going anywhere anytime soon. With their popularity, they are likely to remain at the top of social media sites for quite some time.


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