Productivity Problems IT Can Solve

It’s no secret that organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on Information Technology. The need for these services is rapidly increasing as technology becomes more complex and organizations invest heavily in innovative solutions. As such, IT professionals have a critical job – to be able to solve these productivity problems which constantly crop up in a work environment.

1. Time management, time clocks, and tracking

Several industries rely on accurate timesheets, and this, in turn, requires all employees to report their time as accurately as possible. This is easier said than done; it takes many hours to fill in a timesheet, even if your hours are accurate. This is fine if employees are in the same location, but what happens when they’re not? How can they effectively track their time without constantly being on call?

This is where technology comes in. Mobile apps allow workers to input their hours at any point using the app and then synchronize it with other devices or with web-based applications. This means that once the time is input on one device, it will always be the same. It also means that workers can track their time with their phones anywhere, even if they’re not in the office. Furthermore, employees can complete timesheets on a handheld device, saving them from carrying around a bulky laptop.

2. Remote access to everything

This is another massive benefit to the work-based use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones; employees can now gain remote access to projects and departments in which many people would not have previously been able to participate. For example, a worker in the field can now be fully involved in a meeting in another country.

3. Conference room booking

Conference rooms are highly sought after and can be challenging to book, especially for important meetings. However, it is possible to manage conference room reservations with the right technology. For example, tablets and smartphones enable users to book conference rooms from anywhere at any time, so you don’t have to trudge across campus to try and find out if the space is free. In addition, booking systems tend to be flexible, meaning anyone with an internet connection can reserve a room, even if they’re not there at the time of booking.

No matter which industry you’re in, IT professionals should make it a priority to address these productivity problems. Implementing various technologies such as mobile devices and time-tracking services are a few tools that can enhance your workplace.

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