Layers the Best Cybersecurity Approach in 2021

Layers the Best Cybersecurity Approach in 2021

There are many risks in the world today—cybersecurity is on the rise, which means trouble for many companies. In 2020 many companies lost considerable amounts of money to hackers through ransomware. Cybersecurity has become sophisticated, and experts predict that there will be at least one ransomware attack every 11 seconds in 2021. However, advancement in technology has managed to beat all these irregularities using a single cover-all security solution. Companies will now have a renewed and dedicated layered approach that will be indispensable for cybersecurity 2021. The primary factor of layered security is to create several barriers that will be impossible to penetrate, and the attacks will be much more detectable. The following is what organizations need to know about multi-layered security.

New Technology Comes With Its Risks

Integrating new technology into a system will help your organization stay on the winning track in the current competitive market, but this will come at a cost. For example, with the current COVID-19 pandemic where people work remotely and the system can support all the endpoints, the endpoints will now be the weak points prone to attacks. Also, the layered approach cannot cover all aspects of the 5G and AI technologies.

Complex and Expensive

The security attacks are more sophisticated, and some are even undetectable today. Therefore, organizations will require more comprehensive cybersecurity strategies and tools to minimize or avoid changes in attacks. Many single cyber-attacks happen after several processes known as cyber-kill chains. Layered security helps the organization by having systems that will be specific and overlapping to detect attacks as they are about to occur.

Critical Compliance

Any organization that will carry on with the outdated security system in 2021 should brace itself for a financial and legal disaster. For cybersecurity 2021, one size fits all will not work. Hackers are becoming sleeker, and they have built up ingenious ways of penetrating the old security measure with ease and undetectable by the old security systems. Organizations should consider and comply with new and advanced technology to deal with cyber-attacks. They should consider a modern and more layered cybersecurity approach to prevent a huge mess, leading them to pay substantial legal fees for violating privacy agreements.

In conclusion, cybersecurity strategies are crucial for your organization. Companies like ETTE are here to provide you with a high-level IT and cybersecurity approach for your business. Despite your budget, they will ensure to help meet all your IT requirements.

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