What are the most important things about working on a remote server?

When working on a remote server it’s important to keep four key things in mind:

  1. The speed of the remote server is tied to the speed and strength of the network. If a device is having connectivity issues or the network it is connected to is slow, performance on the server will suffer.
  2. Files stored on the server cannot be accessed off of it. While files can be saved to the computer from the server, anything that isn’t saved this way cannot be accessed.
  3. Not all programs can be used on the remote server. Programs that require special licenses, like Photoshop, AutoCAD, and other specialized programs cannot be used on the remote server. For special programs like this, it is best to use them on the local computer.
  4. Zoom and other web conferencing tools cannot be used on the remote server. In order to function, web conferencing software needs access to a microphone, speakers, and webcam. The remote server cannot access any of this hardware. When connecting to a web conference, please do so off of the server.

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