Setting up Complex Passwords on an iPhone with Touch ID

These days, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets store an incredible amount of information, much of it sensitive and personal.   Often users set up a simple four pin code to protect this information.    However, this security feature, although better than no protection at all, is still relatively weak.

Apple iOS devices offers a more advanced options to protect your device, and the sensitive information contained therein while allowing you to authenticate instantly using your fingerprint.  To protect your phone from a thief, it is best to use the COMPLEX passwords feature.  This way, if your phone is stolen, the thief will not be able to easily get in by guessing a 4-digit PIN while you still enjoy quick access using your fingerprint.

Configuring an iOS device to require a complex password to access it, is rather simple.

    1. Go to Settings 
    2. Go to Touch ID & Passcode 
    3. If you have already configured a passcode, you will have to now enter it.
    4. Turn off Simple Passcode
    5. You will be prompted to enter a complex pass code.

If you need to enable Touch ID, follow this article from Apple.

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