Five Tips For Managing Information Security In The Post-COVID World

Managing Information Security In The Post-COVID World

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has not only brought disruption in the health sector but also how we work. Most companies in the US and other countries have their employees working remotely. With everyone working from home, the chances are high that there will be a breach of data security. Here are tips on how to manage information security in the post COVID world.

Plan for Cyber Security Training

Most organizations are likely to have their employees working from home for an enforceable period. This means employees will be accessing their organization’s IT infrastructure using their devices. Sensitive organization information will be at risk, especially for those accessing the data through public Wi-Fi.

It’s, therefore, crucial for organizations to organize for online cybersecurity classes for their employees. The training should include tests that will evaluate employee understanding of the practice.

Enhance Employee Health Data Protection

Organizations are now collecting health information about their employees and their families. Most companies want to keep a record of employees’ COVID-19 test results, temperature checks, and even their level of immunity. While this may be important because of the current pandemic, what happens after the epidemic is over?

While this information is likely to be on the company’s database, it is expected to leak should the database be hacked. Organizations should invest in protecting such sensitive data to avoid stigmatization.

Watch Out for Insider threats and Social Engineering Attacks

Some medical practitioners with access to any form of treatment that seems to reduce the effects of COVID-19 are likely to pose a significant threat. Some may hoard any drug or vaccine and sell it at a higher price or even through the black market.

Social engineering attackers are likely to be on the rise after Coronavirus. Hackers will take advantage of employees’ interactions to steal sensitive employee information and use it for malice purposes.

Get to Know How The Black-market Works

Healthcare facilities are at high risk of being held hostage by cyber criminals after the fall of the pandemic. As healthcare professionals are fighting the Coronavirus, cybercriminals are attacking the healthcare IT infrastructure.

Once the attackers are successful, health facilities must pay a certain amount to get back the access. This is a type of cybersecurity attack called ransomware. Be on the watch out and report anything sinister about the inability to access your online organization data.

Work as a team With Your Staff

The security teams cannot win the war against cybercrime with the IT systems on their own. Your staff must take part in strengthening information security. It should be a joint mission between the management, staff, and security teams.

Your organization information is an asset; protect it from attackers.

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