Everyone Has a Role in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is crucial to keeping the modern economy and world running smoothly. When there are disruptions, everyone is impacted. As a result, the choice of prioritizing cybersecurity isn’t so much a decision as it is a responsibility and obligation that everyone should take seriously.

Misaligned Priorities

Software development is often a rushed process simply due to the fact that anything unpublished isn’t making money. Budget constraints and rushed timetables can make companies focus more on features visible and valuable to consumers than security features that are crucially important but far less visible to them. Even worse, research and development teams might not even worry about security, thinking that IT support can handle it with patches after the fact.

Planning for cybersecurity should be a part of any software development. In fact, any research and development team should envision worst-case scenarios and then even test for them by having someone deliberately try to enter malicious code or data. They should see how well their product stands up to an actual cybersecurity attack, even if it’s done in-house as part of the actual product development.

Everyone Needs to Prioritize Cybersecurity

Silos in your business or organization might help structure your operations, but barriers between them need to fall to some degree when it comes to cybersecurity. It can’t be the responsibility of just one department or team. Everyone has to be aware of the potential risks but also their roles in preventing the worst from happening. Failing to take cybersecurity seriously can ruin any particular software product or digital service you might offer, and it could actually ruin a whole company.

More Than Firewalls

There was a time that businesses and organizations relied on security products, such as firewalls, for the protection of their digital assets. However, the majority of cyberattacks now result from inferior business practices and human errors, more so than insufficient technology. Prioritizing cybersecurity starts with technology, but you must focus on practices and people, too. That includes professionals outside of IT departments.

Key Takeaways

Far too many people assume that cybersecurity is just a matter for IT professionals. Developers, publishers, and even consumers all play a role in prioritizing cybersecurity for the greater good. Since everyone connected online can fall prey to cybersecurity issues, it’s incumbent on everyone to participate in keeping the global digital community safe for all involved.

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