Welcome to the DCHOPE support page. This page will serve as the base of support for connecting and using the DCHOPE network.

This network is provided at no cost by the DC Government. Below you will find frequently asked questions that will provide insight into how the network works and what it does and does not support.


  • What is the name (SSID) of the network? It’s called DCHOPE
  • What is the password? There is no password required. You simply need to accept the terms of service agreement
  • Can I hook up my desktop? You can only hook up your desktop if it has a wireless adaptor
  • Can I hook up my Xbox or Playstation? No. It will not connect because you have to accept the terms of service agreement which cannot be done from the consoles
  • Can I use the service for streaming videos on my computer? Yes, you can
  • Can I use it for virtual learning like Zoom, Canvas, or Teams? Yes, you can
  • How fast is the connection? You should be able to download over 75mbps and upload over 25mbps. You can test your speed here.
  • What are the terms of using the service? XXXXX

If you need to speak to someone by phone, please call 202.888.6515.