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Cybersecurity: A New Form of Growth for Business

Cybersecurity: A New Form of Growth for Business

September 18, 2020,


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Cybersecurity has for a long time been a cost to companies, where preventing hacking was seen as a necessary component of doing business. With the current development of interconnected, global society, however, cybersecurity has increasingly been seen as a means of shepherding growth.
Viable Business Plan for Burgeoning Companies

In fact, promoting virtual security has increasingly become a viable business plan for burgeoning businesses. Increasing security can be a selling point for services and transactions, allowing companies to lower risk for potential customers. A trio of experts, in fact, will hold a panel on September 16, 2020 at RiskSec DIGITAL 2020 explaining how virtual security can be used as an accelerator. Indeed, ensuring information security is becoming more important than ever, with cash and capital exchanges increasingly being online through virtual platforms like Amazon or PayPal. Successfully harnessing security features is now a big selling point to security-conscious start-up businesses and consumers alike.
New Forms of Growth for Large Companies

For large, established companies looking to continue growing, cybersecurity also presents a new form of expansion. With the increasing popularity of cloud storage and online shopping, standing out in a crowded online field demands stellar security measures to attract customers. For instance, Amazon stands at the front of transforming security into a channel for development. Amazon Web Services Principal Security Architect for Global Accounts Merritt Baer, for instance, will join IBM Security Deputy CISO Beth Dunphy and Kraken Digital Asset Exchange CSO Nick Percoco at the RiskSec DIGITAL panel to flesh out the importance of online security as an avenue for acceleration. Bolstering online security, therefore, is not only an accelerator for up-and-coming businesses to attract new customers, it is also important for large companies seeking to continue expanding their services and development operations.
Bringing Together Business and Grassroots Groups

Virtual security also presents a new, unique pathway for new forms of business expansion: by bringing together large companies and grassroots hackers to improve public safety. Anyone could possess the ability to infiltrate and disrupt a cyber network, and bringing together business and hackers to produce multiple layers of protection bolsters confidence and generates new forms of growth for companies.

Ultimately, growing through security represents a cultural shift that requires the coming together of different forces and a revamping of ideologies to turn a risk-management cost into an important form of acceleration.