Cyber Security, Risk, and Compliance Services

In over a decade of operating, ETTE has developed a core competency in securing your IT environment. We understand that security and compliance are crucial elements in securing company success. Our team will help you by first understanding your needs for cyber security, and then providing a solution that meets those needs at a surprisingly affordable price.
Two-factor authentication (2FA) refers to a more secure way to access a physical or virtual environment. Within the context of an IT environment, organizations use 2FA or Multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a more secure way for a user to access a system.
Single Sign-On (SSO) is an IT environmental configuration that allows an authorized user to access their system, and all applications and data with one login. It is a simple principle that can be complicated to implement and potentially costly if implemented incorrectly. ETTE can help your organization build a robust SSO solution, either as a standalone element or as an integrated part of other IT projects.
ETTE, with the cooperation of our client organization, performs a comprehensive, 20-point assessment corresponding to the well-known SANS 20 Critical Security Controls.