Cloud Computing: Three Common Network Problems

Migrating to the cloud comes with its fair share of IT problems. While service providers ensure you get adequate tools and resources, they are not responsible for network issues that may arise in the remaining course of service delivery. Network problems in cloud computing may result in low performance, minor latency, and service blackouts.

Knowing the common network problems that could arise might help you prevent them from happening. Read on to discover cloud computing networking problems and what to do about them.

1. Misconfigurations in the Network

Misconfigurations in the system may result from too much caution or lack of knowledge. These errors can lead to the network’s poor performance or failure. How your network behaves depends on the configurations. Sudden outages or issues with performance are often a result of the most recent changes in configurations.

In many enterprises, network-related issues are likely to occur when security and network teams update firewalls or change the corporate VLAN, NAT, or LAN. To prevent further downtime in such cases, you need to track, monitor, and separate the misconfiguration.

2. Lack of Integration

Cloud-based services and applications must integrate well with each other and be compatible with other tools and services of the company. When each app runs separately, they use up more resources than usual and could lead to network overloads or low-quality service.

Proper integration of services and applications is necessary per your company’s tools, API, and other media. You can use built-in integration models and diagnostic tools to correct any issues with your cloud network integration.

3. Lack of Cloud Monitoring Resources

Monitoring and tracking the network with the right tools can help prevent minor and major network issues. However, traditional network tools do not work well in monitoring the status of cloud connections. A powerful, well-configured system can help identify all problems with the cloud network from the provider’s end to yours.

You can configure these surveillance tools to send alerts in case of a network outage, delay, or congestion. With the right integrations, you can also receive case-based reports.

If you remember how cloud computing works, you know how network issues can cripple your IT infrastructure. Anyone can fall victim to these problems. With the suitable measures and maintenance, you will allow your network and security team to focus on other issues, streamlining workflows in your business. For more information, consult our team of experts today.

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