APIs Are the Next Frontier in Cybercrime

Next Frontier in Cybercrime

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Cybercrime has been on the rise and calls for necessary action to buff the security of your systems. Cybersecurity is a common problem facing various threats leading to loss of critical data. Hackers have made APIs their new target since they act as a channel for third party integration.

Thus, it would be best to learn about the various types of cybercrime and how best to protect yourself. Here are some security threats and how to avoid them.

Poor Coding

Review the code used to write your program. Bad coding will compromise the api security from the word go. This way, you leave vulnerabilities in the system that hackers can use to access a backdoor and steal information. Ensure that your code is well written and efficient from the start of the development period.

Lack of User Authentication

Hackers may exploit the authentication flaws that allow them to take other users’ identities in the system. The hackers may also compromise the authentication measures if they are poorly implemented. Thus, the system becomes compromised and fails to identify the user, thus affecting overall security.

Developers can use various authentication measures such as two-factor authentication and ensure they are well implemented.

Lack of Security

Security complacency leaves the system exposed to various threats. Developers should implement data encryption and ensure other security layers make data inaccessible to hackers. Thus, implementing security protocols such as transport layer security will guarantee system security integrity.

Lack of API Utilization

Systems management may fail to track their API, which leaves them exposed to various security risks. Thus, management should track their utilization numbers and avoid incurring extra charges and data loss.

Lack of Resource Limiting

APIs don’t have a limit on the type and number of resources accessible to clients on request. Thus, this limits the servers’ performance and exposes them to denial of service attacks. Hackers may also use brute force that allows them to bypass and exploit authentication flaws. To avoid such attacks, developers should introduce server restrictions that limit the resources accessible to users.


Hackers may use SQL injection to send corrupted data as commands to the server. Thus, this allows them to gain unauthorized data access. However, developers may include input authorization that allows a review of data before accessing the database. Parametrized queries may also help avoid executing unwanted commands.

APIs expose endpoints that may pose various cybersecurity threats. It calls for developers to check the criteria requirements for cybersecurity.

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