7 Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes You Should Avoid


When it comes to business, there are several things, including money, reputation, and data, to take care of security-wise. It is the company’s objective to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of data. Sometimes people may use defective methods to protect data leaving it at more risk. However, there are various ways to avoid making common cybersecurity mistakes. Here are a few examples of the most common mistakes made.


1. Neglecting data breaches

Some people usually ignore threat alerts when they appear. There have been several cases of identity theft in the US that expose people’s information. When not addressed sooner, these breaches will take a long time to discover and when the damage is already done.

2. Not updating software

This is one of the common cybersecurity mistakes people make. Technology is advancing at a fast pace in the modern world, and it requires you to keep up. Keeping your computer up-to-date protects you against several online threats.

3. Underestimation of cyber attacks

Underestimating cyber-attacks is another factor among significant cybersecurity mistakes. There have been many reports of email scams that have caused individuals and companies several millions of dollars. Ignoring malware in emails makes you vulnerable.

4. Not focusing on email security

Being one of the common mediums of communication, Emails is one of the most vulnerable to attacks. Most cyber-attacks target emails with a DMR report showing that an average office employee receives about 120 emails a day.

5. Lack of security training for workers

This is also a primary cause of cyber-attacks. Training employees allows them to understand what they are looking for. They need to be trained on how to monitor and recognize email insecurity.

6. Ignoring email attachments

Many people have downloaded attachments from unknown email addresses, which causes serious security problems. Attachments from unknown sources may contain viruses, worms, or Trojans which can delete or compromise data or even disable your gadget.

7. Creating weak passwords and not changing passwords regularly

Your password should be strong and should be kept secret at all times. Many people ignore the importance of creating a strong password and the need to change it after a while. This is a technique used to ensure that your passwords are not compromised.


To err is human. However, making simple cybersecurity mistakes may cost you or your business. More than 50 percent of ventures, especially small to medium enterprises, experience cyberattacks frequently. Ensure that you avoid the above mistakes as a way to proactively tackle potential threats.

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