6 Technologies that are the best investments in the post-pandemic world

The post-pandemic world has been a hot topic for a few years now, and the rate of pandemics is only accelerating as we continue to see the effects of climate change. As such, everyone is inevitably talking about how they will survive in this near-future reality. True, technology can help us out with that. However, only certain technologies will be beneficial during the post-pandemic world. Let’s look at the top 6 technologies for long-term survival in a very different world than the one we know today.

Big data

In the post-pandemic world, the need for big data is essential, especially with regards to life-saving solutions. The current method of gathering data from different sources (e.g., epidemiologists, emergency responders) is antiquated, ineffective, and unnecessary in the post-pandemic environment. A wealth of data can be collected via a few smart devices. It is not only more cost-effective and more efficient than the current system but can also be used for outreach to create awareness about life-saving solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most valuable technologies for the post-pandemic world because it can create solutions that save lives. AI is integrated into many of our devices today, and it has shown tremendous potential as a life-saving technology long before the emergence of pandemics. For example, AI is being used to predict if a person may get sick in the near future, so health systems can take the appropriate measures to ensure the well-being of those at risk.


The 5G network is an emerging technology that will soon become necessary for the post-pandemic world, if not for humans specifically. The 5G network boasts an unprecedented capacity to connect large numbers of devices, which means that it can be used for life-saving solutions. For example, using the 5G network, thousands of smart devices can be connected to a centralized control access point that allows for real-time data consumption and analysis.


The internet is already being used to connect patients with healthcare professionals, but this system only works for those in the same physical location. Telehealth will allow people all over the globe to seek medical advice and treatment online. A great example of this is a virtual reality surgery platform that enables patients to see a surgical procedure in real-time and receive guidance from a doctor during surgeries.


The world has already seen automation technologies to solve issues such as gun control and deforestation. In the post-pandemic world, automation can address issues like food and water supply, energy and transportation solutions. This technology can set up smart farms that can produce food without any human interference.


With the increasing number of internet-connected devices, the need to protect them from cyber-attacks will only become more critical. Today, we are already seeing the rising risk of hacks and other cybercrimes. In the post-pandemic world, where the number of internet-connected devices will likely rise exponentially — we will need to protect these new devices so they can be put to good use.

In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the post-pandemic world. Each of these technologies can be used independently to find solutions that are tailored to specific scenarios and regions. These solutions will have a better chance of success if they amalgamate several different technologies because this gives you a larger resource pool to draw from.

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