5G Technology: Driving the Cybersecurity Evolution

5G Technology

Picture of roof top with 5G poster

There’s a lot of truth in the President of the United States’ public address of April 2020 when he declared that the “race to 5G is on and America must win”.

The global race towards this fifth-generation technology standard is about to hit the highly coveted crescendo, particularly with the intermittent tests and roll-outs in the international sphere.

Reports indicate that the fifth-generation technology standard is on track and will account for over 15% of the world’s mobile connectivity by 2025, a level that will provide communication service providers and other key players in the online security industry with dozens of opportunities.

The Fifth Generation Technology Standard and Internet of Things

The discussion about the latest mobile network technology would be incomplete without proper mentioning of IoT. There’s a notion that the number of connected devices will reach the 3 billion mark from the present 700 million by 2023. Even though this trend is strongly tied to multiple other factors, the advancement of mobile network technology will play a central role.

Ideally, the world’s move to launch and adopt advanced mobile network technology acts as a significant breakthrough in the IoT market. This specific projection is central because these networks will present a path to enhance the overall functionality for billions of connected devices across the globe.

Here’s why advanced mobile technology networks will enhance IoT and bring it to its future:

  • High-speed data transfers
  • Better network reliability
  • Better IoT testing
  • Efficient ecosystem collaborations
  • Enhanced intelligent platforms

Recall that advanced mobile technology networks present cloud computing businesses with the highway they’ll need to get in touch with enterprise mobile clients more reliably. The machine-to-machine and computing communications enabled by this mobile network technology will access virtual infrastructure through a phone, a common thing. As it advances, people will have the ability to access swifter connectivity and cloud service platforms.

5G and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence encompasses all technological moves to replicate a wide range of human capabilities such as learning, perception, and logic.

In essence, these modern networks can offer scalable frequencies and the remote computing potentials needed to collect, manage and process the ever-growing volumes of data that will fuel AI proliferation.

Such issues explain the essence of this telecom technology as a vehicle through which AI will realize its full potentials.

What Advanced Mobile Networking Technology Means for Cybersecurity

Even though it will present the globe with a whole new technological dimension by promising total connectivity, there’s a potential to be extremely susceptible to massive surveillance and online threats.

The mobile networking debate has fueled immense IoT development and the dire need to enhance cybersecurity defense barriers. In essence, these telecom advancements will put a lot of crucial data drawn from institutions, individuals, and machines at the mercy of cybercriminals.

Conversely, this fifth-generation technological standard comes as a two-pronged tool that may serve as a protection tool to cushion entities from diverse cybersecurity challenges. However, the insecurities can only be eliminated if stakeholders start to rethink their cyber strategies to ensure that it is only used to better their operations rather than impose harm. This explains the need to emphasize cyber planning innovations.

Conclusively, it is the vehicle that will drive the computing world towards increased operational effectiveness and efficiency. Even though experts have sensed a range of vulnerabilities, it is clear that 5G will take online protection to a higher level.

From the Internet of Things to AI, stakeholders in the technological realms must put their heads together to stay one step ahead of the looming cyberattacks before harm is done on the crucial information that people, organizations, and entities will rush to put in the cloud.

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