3 Signs Your Small Business Is in Need of Digital Transformation

3 Signs Your Small Business Is in Need of Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of small businesses is now a common phenomenon. Whether it be the introduction of new technology or a shift in customer needs and demands, these days, all companies have to adapt to stay competitive.

Here are three signs that your company may need some form of digital transformation:

The Only Time You Contact IT Is When Something is Broken

The fact is that small business technology comes with its own unique set of challenges. No matter how many resources you dedicate to maintaining your IT department, at some point, something will go wrong, and end-users will need help.

This doesn’t mean that your business is a lost cause, but it does mean that your IT setup could benefit from an upgrade or streamlined process. In addition, moving to the cloud can provide cost savings and increased productivity while offering flexibility for businesses in the future.

Countless Hours Spent on Paperwork and Spreadsheets

Time is a valuable resource, and it can be tough to find time in the day to focus your attention elsewhere. But everyone needs to take a step back once in a while to see how things have changed, including your business’s processes and procedures.

In today’s business landscape, paper stacks are being replaced by digital versions stored online for quick access. Entering these records into an Excel spreadsheet might seem like second nature when you’re used to using pen and paper. Still, this approach will only slow you down long-term when data entry has to be repeated multiple times for various departments or clients.

Even if your company has been using paperless software for years, there are probably still days where everyone is bogged down with paperwork to get through. Unfortunately, a lack of digital workflow often leads to wasted time and frustration among employees.

So what can you do? The answer is simple: digital transformation. With new cloud-based software, employees won’t need to spend time worrying about printing forms or organizing documents; instead, they’ll be able to work productively toward the company’s ultimate goal – bringing in more sales and increasing revenue.

You Spend A Lot of Time With Email

In the US, nearly 40 percent of all online adults use email daily. While you may see this as a good thing – and most companies still use email for communication – it can be problematic in terms of efficiency.

After all, every message must be opened and read before being properly understood or acted upon. So if your employees are struggling to keep up with the volume of emails they receive each day, then it might be time for digital transformation efforts to kick into high gear.

If any of these signs describe your company’s current state, then now is the time for a change with SME digital transformation. You don’t have to dig yourself into an even deeper hole; instead, update your IT set up so everyone from your sales department to your accounting department can focus on what matters most: improving the bottom line.


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