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At ETTE, we truly do believe in Empowerment through Technology and Education. That’s why we provide a full suite of Managed IT Services for your Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia business that’s fully customized to meet your specific needs. ETTE works with new startups, established businesses and companies of any size across every industry.

We leverage over 14 years of experience to provide our clients dynamic networking solutions that can give your business the tools for global outreach. With the worldwide economy expanding every day, you can lose out on lucrative business opportunities by not being prepared. But with ETTE on your team, you’ll be ready for that sales explosion your company needs to move up to the next level.

Lawrence – President

A native of Washington, DC, Lawrence combines his appreciation of technology with a commitment to help local business owners overcome their IT challenges. Back in the day he worked with Fortune 500 companies, and today, he employs a team of dedicated professionals who have worked with large and small businesses in a wide range of industries. Formed in 2002, ETTE, Empowerment through Technology and Education, has been fortunate enough to work with many of the leading Silicon Valley startups and non-profits.

Taylor – Chief Technology Officer

Taylor hails from Washington, DC and utilizes his extensive knowledge and experience as ETTE’s Chief Technology Officer. Though now working more in management, he understands the importance of delivering best-in-class IT products and services to clients. Over the years, he’s had a great deal of hands-on experience in helping companies develop and implement strategic and customized IT plans. Taylor brings a technical mind, a critical eye, and a flexible approach to the art and science of IT technology services.

Camila – Operations Manager

Camila works with Lawrence and Taylor to ensure the staff is delivering high quality service to our client base. She regularly works with our clients, vendors, and partners to be sure things are operating in the expected manner. She is fluent in multiple languages and keeps all of the team on point. She brings her experience in business administration and having worked in a Global Fortune 100 firm to our client base.

We are pleased to announce that in 2015 the State of Maryland’s Office of Minority Business Enterprise granted ETTE MDOT Certification (MBE, DBE, SBE), which has allowed us to begin bidding on government contracts. With this certification, ETTE is now qualified to work on the following NACIS codes:

  • 518210 – Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
  • 541512 – Computer System Design Services
  • 541513 – Computer Facilities Management Services
  • 541519 – Other Computer Related Services (Disaster Recovery and Installation Services)
  • 811212 – Computer and Office Machine Repair and Maintenance

In an ever-changing world, ETTE keeps you on target and up to date with all the latest technology. We’re about empowering our clients to make informed decisions. We want you to spend your IT dollars on the products and services that are going to help you reach your goals and achieve the success you’ve worked so hard for.

ETTE is a minority-owned managed service provider (MSP) with a proven track record of successful projects, satisfied clients, and partnerships with trusted vendors in the IT industry. Join us on our journey to revolutionize the Information Technology landscape.

When people learn that we have an office in Bolivia, the first question is Why Bolivia? The answer is pretty clear. My wife and business partner, Brigida, is from Bolivia. About five years ago my family and I decided to relocate to her home country. During the first few months, I realized that Bolivia had an abundance of highly educated individuals looking for a good work environment. Putting that together with our ongoing need for talented IT staff, resulted in us forming a company in Bolivia called, Guyot Technology.

The company is a formally registered Bolivian company that works under the ETTE umbrella. The ownership and management is identical to ETTE. We operate as one company. We find that it is a classic win-win situation. Our clients in Bolivia have access to US technology in an affordable and conveient manner and our US clients benefit from having bi-lingual assistance.

We like to be transparent and that is why we mention our overseas operation so early in our website. We are completely comfortbale with our organizational structure, but also realize some organizations may prefer to deal with US based staff only for contractual or personal reasons. We can and do accomodate that requirement already for some of our clients.


We partner with many of the leading global IT solutions providers like Microsoft, VMWare, and Ingram Micro. We also partner with local resources that are best of breed. We know that no one is the best at everything they do. We work with partners that have the expertise our clients require. Our focus on partnerships is to have best of breed solutions for clients. Sometimes that requires a large multi-national and other times, it requires the small business down the street. Our requirement is that all our partners share our deeply held belief that the client's best interest always comes first.

Managed IT Services for Metropolitan Washington DC

Get a free consultation from our experts where we analyze your current status and needs, then work hard to develop an all-encompassing plan that’s fully customized. One of the first steps we take is to proactively monitor your systems to make sure they’re operating optimally and error-free


24/7 Network Monitoring

Our tech-savvy team understands how important it is for your computers to consistently work at peak efficiency, that’s why we offer a 24/7 Network Monitoring System, so you’ll have real-time visibility into the performance of every system. Our customer service is on a level all its own. You can expect fast response times, along with professional repairs and quality ongoing maintenance. We guarantee our work.


Meet Today’s IT Challenges

Our reliable IT services keep things up and running at maximum efficiency, regardless of how many computers, device types or locations there are. We consistently ensure you have the software and communications your staff needs and our cloud solutions are secure, dependable and cost-effective With ETTE on your team, you’ll have the right partner with the certifications and experience to handle a new world where communications, networking, infrastructure, storage, servers and virtualization technology challenges so you can focus on your day-to-day initiatives.


Small Business IT Services

With over 14 years in business, ETTE has successfully provided IT services for Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our systems have proven to increase efficiency, add security, and lower costs, giving our clients the tools they need to move into the future with confidence.

We create customized plans that give you exactly the services you need so that you can take advantage of the latest IT technology currently available. Our IT consulting services can help you determine the best approach for your hardware and software needs. We strive to help you realize the best return on your IT investment.

Below, are just a few of the professional services we offer, but we do customize every plan so you can get exactly what your company needs without paying for unnecessary services.

Get these exciting services priced in a per user fee.
  • 24/7 IT Help Desk and User Support (bi-lingual)
  • Virtual Infrastructure  for VPN, File Sharing, and Remote Access (RDP)
  • Server Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Company Owned Desktop/Laptop Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Enterprise level Antivirus Software for all Company Owned Systems
  • File level Encrypted Backup (Forever Incremental)
  • 7 Day Image-Level Backups
  • Tier 1 Cell Phone + Tablet Support
  • OpenVPN Licensing
  • Patch Management
  • One Managed Firewall for Site-to-Site VPN Connectivity
  • Microsoft Server / Office / Remote Desktop Services
  • Enteprise level Anti-virus protection
  • Amazon Cloud Managed DNS Service
  • Monthly trouble ticket reports
  • semi annual hardware warranty reports
  • Managed firewall in the datacenter
  • Wireless Network Management
  • Vendor Management
  • o365 deployment and management
  • VoIP management (if purchased through ETTE)
Building a network infrastructure that meets the ongoing needs of your business can be challenging for any company, but ETTE can create the perfect IT plan for you. We offer a broad range of products and services that allow your business to get customized IT solutions. We also work with a number of top-notch partners who can provide you with discounted products. Our cloud computing services are designed to answer your networking needs with affordable on-site server hosting. We also provide exceptional IT hardware repairs. Just call us and we’ll schedule a repairman to come out right away. Or you can drop off malfunctioning computer equipment for repairs.
With software programs changing daily, it’s easy to fall behind in the race to maintain the best computer software. ETTE keeps you on top of the ever-changing landscape of new and innovative software. We also assist companies that have chosen the wrong software solutions and who need to make some corrections to get the best service. Even the biggest companies have problems with conflicting software or errors arising from employees visiting dangerous websites or clicking on suspicious email links. If you believe your company network has inadvertently been affected by viruses or spyware, it’s important to resolve those issues before they do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. ETTE can help fix expensive problems like this or simply help you correctly upgrade outdated software. We provide state-of-the-art diagnostics and IT solutions that will have your business up and running smoothly in no time, whether you just need a quick fix or an entirely new system..
Good maintenance for your IT systems is imperative if you want to keep things running smoothly 24/7. Just one big system failure can cost your company thousands of dollars. That’s why we recommend a professional ETTE maintenance plan for both desktops and servers. When you need to keep your systems up-to-date, discover and solve problems, and prevent future issues, a maintenance plan from ETTE is the perfect solution. We offer plans at a variety of price points to serve clients large and small across the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.
With 24/7 network monitoring services, historical data reporting, and the knowledge and experience to analyze and interpret data, ETTE proudly offers expert help pinpointing and correcting network issues. Our goal is to help your business operate more efficiently and avoid troublesome networking problems.
We know that you’re busy running your business and that’s why ETTE is the perfect partner for handling your IT systems management. You can take advantage of one of our monthly maintenance plans or simply call us for hardware and software emergencies. We also offer a fast and secure cloud computing network that can make your life easier and take away those IT system failure headaches. We’d love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us. We offer free IT consultations. Or you can read more about our IT services in the right hand column.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing now leads the industry as the preferred choice because it’s reliable, convenient and offers so many exciting features. You can get nearly unlimited data storage and bandwidth, along with the convenience of an off-site infrastructure. With the landscape of IT technology now so complex and constantly changing, we understand how important it is to get the best Cloud services available.

On an 11 acre secure campus in Silver Spring, Maryland, ByteGrid operates two best-in-class data centers. At 214,000 ft² (with 90,000 ft² raised floor space), MDC-1 is the largest multi-tenant, ultra-secure, and efficient data center available in the suburban Maryland, Greater Baltimore-Washington D.C. area. It is within close proximity to federal, state, and Maryland enterprise users.


MDC-2 is a 214,000 ft² compliant data center facility that was purpose-built as a high-density enterprise storage vault. This enterprise class data center in Silver Spring, Maryland is also ready to be conditioned as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).

ETTE's cloud is run on a DELL powered 13th generation server cluster backed by an EMC SAN. The cluster has a 10Gb/s backbone which allows for top level performance. The cluster is monitored 24/7 at 30 second intervals, It uses adavanced technoloiges to ensure maximum performance and stability. The data on our cluster is backed up both at the image level and the file level.

Our datacenter has network connectivity with the following network carriers:

  • AT&T, Verizon
  • Verizon Business,
  • Level 3
  • Comcast
  • FiberLight
  • Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX)
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • Internet2
  • Allied Telecom
  • Harbor Lite Networks
  • USA Fiber
  • Lightower
  • Crown Castle/Sunesys

Physical Security

  • Property Line Physical Setback: 40 ft. to 100 ft.
  • Protective Gate Entrances: Two (2)
  • Building and Perimeter: Precast concrete, with enclosed security check-in
  • Security Guards: Staffed 24/7
  • Access Controls: Card key, dual authentication and biometric readers
  • CCTV: 24/7 surveillance of interior
  • and exterior of facility
  • Security Fence: Built to DoD/DoS high impact crash standards

Industry Certifications

  • SOC 2 Type II
  • GSA ISC Level IV
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • EHNAC accredited
  • GxP & HIPAA Qualified

Virtual Infrastructure

When a client either doesn't have or want physical servers, we can provide highly performant virtualized servers that come with properly licensed software from Microsoft. This is our most popular option as it general is not cost effective for small businesses to purchases physical servers.


When a client does have a physical server but not longer wants or can handle housing it internally, we can provide the space, connectivity, and power for it. This frees up clients from worrying about physical security, reliable power, and ISP connectivity. It's a very cost effective solution for non-profits and organizations that have highly valued data with strict security or connectivity requirements.

Meet our Dedicated Team – We’re Here to Serve You

The ETTE team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who work hard every day to ensure that our customers have the best IT products and services. We partner with a number of vendors and consultants who share the same commitment to quality and integrity as we do. Our people are our greatest asset and they’ve made us the industry leaders that we are today. Please get to know the ETTE team.






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