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We like to describe ourselves as “surprisingly affordable". We do not believe in nickel and diming our clients..

Thank you for visiting our website. I imagine you are here because you are looking for an IT services provider in the Washington DC Metro area. Our company, Empowerment Through Technology & Education (ETTE), hopes to become that trusted provider of all your IT needs. Since 2002, ETTE has been providing enterprise-level IT services to small and medium business and other organizations. Our goal is to provide small and medium businesses that have tight budgets with options when their IT needs are not being met.

Many organizations in these situations have difficulty finding good, affordable solutions for their IT systems. Many end up with a systems administrator who can competently operate their systems for $75,000+ per year. But these staffers often have little time to devote to proactively seeking new IT options, solutions and vendors or managing the growth of the IT system as the organization expands. And, unless they happen to be cyber-security specialists, which is usually a higher-salaried position, the admin may have inadvertently left the company prone to a cyber attack. Perhaps your organization has considered outsourcing your systems to a service provider, only to find out that the service provider seeks to sell you a bunch of equipment, software, and “premium services” you may not even understand and probably do not need, attached to a price that is more complicated to understand that the tax code.

Our remote staff will provide you the same courtesy and service as our local staff, and will work behind the scenes to keep your systems running smoothly. Our team of staffers has a wide range of expertise, from network architecture and configurations to security principles and prevention, to data structuring and storage, to getting the most speed and efficiency out of your systems connections to the Internet. For customers who do not wish to simply scrap their prior network and security hardware investments, ETTE also offers co-location services, where we host your equipment at our facilities. We can also help with “one off” IT projects, working in concert with your in-house staff, or other trusted IT services provider.

Please take a few minutes to review in more detail the services we offer. You will find that we value transparency and believe that if you are happy with your current provider, you should stick with them. If you aren’t, then you should certainly consider us. We are really good at what we do ?

We simply request giving us an opportunity to earn your business. I can assure you that you won’t regret engaging us. And after a short time as our valued customer, we are confident you will find we are good, affordable, trustworthy, and work hard to earn and maintain our clients’ business.

Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions you may have.

Lawrence Guyot
Empowerment through Technology & Education, Inc.

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