Camila Navarro

Social Impact

April 30, 2021,

There is a Social impact to being in any minority, around 1 billion people are disabled one way or another this would be 15% of the world’s population, this includes vulnerable populations like children, the elderly, low-income households and women. It’s hard for disabled people to get the help and support they need especially from people that don’t take them into account when they are designing anything be it a product or a street.

The employment rate for a person with disabilities is of 44%, people with disabilities are greatly underestimated in the work market issues such as:

  • Infantilization
  • Condescendence
  • Isolation
  • Lack of access to basic services
  • Being ignored by their peers or their supervisors
  • Lower pay

You may not be aware if any of these issues occur in your workplace or your company, the only way you can be aware of them is if you are actively thinking about it or if you are living through one of them. Empathy is key to accessibility.

If you want to know more facts about disabilities then you can read about it on the WHO website