Camila Navarro

Senior Citizens

April 30, 2021,

Senior citizens are one of the most vulnerable demographics in the world, usually, disabilities come with age, the loss of sight, hearing, and cognitive faculties make them especially vulnerable and in great need of aids.

As a person ages, they become more likely to lose mobility and start using mobility aids, a cane a walker, the issues with mobility can lead to a general difficulty in running household chores and shopping for groceries, we are so lucky to live in a time where you can just order groceries online, however, if an elderly person wants to order anything from an online store that only offers pickup and not delivery we have an issue. This is an example of incomplete accessibility, there is no 80% with accessibility you have the mile.

Vulnerable groups, especially the elderly and the young, get isolated and dismissed due to their disabilities, social media platforms, blogs, and technology, in general, are great solutions for this issue, a grandma that has learned how to use her cellphone only with voice commands is unstoppable!