Smartphones Could Soon Take Over the Human Race: The Evolution of Our Favorite Device

Today it’s hard to imagine a world without smartphones. Our beloved devices have come a long way since their introduction in 2007, but sometimes we feel as if they’ve always been with us. Smartphones allow us to do things that we couldn’t even conceive as possible twenty years ago. Things like figuring out where all the closest Starbucks are and how to get there, sharing a live story of your dog on Instagram, or Facetiming your Mom from a hut in Bali. All these things are possible thanks to smartphones and the incredible technology that powers them.


Smartphones have experienced an increasingly rapid form of evolution. They went from chunky bricks that allowed us to simultaneously call someone and listen to our Green Day albums to scary talking robots that are way smarter than we could ever be. We’re not sure if the human race is getting dumber or if smartphones are getting smarter, but some part of us deep down inside is a little worried about the possibility of smartphones’ intelligence surpassing our own. Before we know it, they could have a mind of their own and control over our lives.


With new advances in technology seemingly happening overnight, there’s no telling whether or not a future run by smartphones is possible. It certainly doesn’t seem out of reach. Below is an outline of the evolution of smartphones so you can see just how far they’ve come and how little they have to go before they reach taking over the human race.


January 2007

Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple gifts the world with his creation, the almighty iPhone. “A revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone,” as the genius himself puts it. The world is never the same.

November 2007

Google decides to hop on the smartphone bandwagon and introduces the Android mobile operating system that runs on Google services for search, email and video, for free.


October 2008

Apple lets the world know just how successful their invention is, announcing that they’ve already sold 4.7 million iPhones. People are slowly but surely being convinced that their lives are incomplete without a smartphone.


November 2008

Google releases the first Android phone, otherwise known as the G1. It’s a pretty standard early 2000s slide-out keyboard design, and doesn’t feature nearly as much of the cool touch screen technology that the iPhone has.


January 2010

Apple shocks the world again with their launch of the revolutionary iPad. It’s basically just like a giant smartphone, all the more to take over our minds with.


February 2010

Android catches up to the game and puts full touchscreens on all their phones. Copycats.

March 2010

Steve Jobs is not happy with his little brother Android, who thinks he can copy everything Apple does. Jobs sues HTC over its eerily similar Android touchscreen phone. The smartphones are turning the humans against themselves.


April 2011

Apples is the largest smartphone vendor, selling the most phones. Yet Android is the best-selling smartphone operating system. The feud continues. By this point, if you don’t already own a fully touch screen smartphone that gives you all the world’s information at your fingertips, you’re basically a loser.


October 2011

Siri becomes a part of our everyday life. She is a friend and a member of the family. We even start seeing seats at the Thanksgiving dinner table being set for her. The world just got a little bit lazier, because even tapping on a screen is too much work for us. This is where we see the smartphones starting to get an advantage over the measly humans.


November 2012

Apps are becoming popular, and now anything you can think of, “there’s an app for that.” The smartphones are now doing everything for us, including making friends, getting us dates, adding up our tips, and waking us up in the morning.


October 2014

Apple Pay is introduced. The is the first step into madness. The smartphones now have access to all our banking information and most of the world’s money. It’s truly all downhill from here.

April 2015

The phones are only getting bigger. With the introduction of the iPhone 6 and then the iPhone 6+, there’s no telling how long it is until the smartphones are bigger than the humans. Chaos is in sight.


July 2017

Babies are now given smartphones as they exit the womb. Everywhere you look, people are on their phones. Nobody leaves the house anymore, because they can do everything from the comfort of their couch. Ordering food, making money, chatting with friends. The smartphones have gained total control.


December 2020

The smartphones have taken over the human race. Siri is now the overlord. Planet Earth as we once knew it is no more.

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