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UXp by Octoinsight

“You can’t unsee what you’ve just seen …”

UXp from OctoInsight is a lightweight scalable tool that addresses the annoying delays we all experience on Windows® desktops. UXp gathers application performance metrics directly from the user interface, rather than from an endpoint, a method that ensures complete and accurate performance measurement of every active Windows desktop and web application. The detailed UX performance information is used by IT to quickly solve the root causes of problems. Please take 30 seconds to plug in your numbers in the form below to see instantly the real costs of delays and lost productivity. You will likely be shocked at the initial numbers. You’ve been warned. ????


UXp provides a cumulative simple performance rating metric, the User Experience Rating (UXR) that represents the percent of an active user’s time spent waiting on an app’s response. For most organizations, a UXR greater than 5% – meaning that a user is kept waiting for more than 5% of their time, indicates poor user experience which in turn signals performance problems. UXR also calculates the cost implications of poor performance by multiplying the total wait time by the user’s total hourly cost. This radically simplifies analysis, enabling IT to take action. UXR’s dual purpose is to assist the IT/HelpDesk to monitor Windows desktop applications’ performance and to serve as a metric by which a provider’s performance under its SLA can be evaluated, monitored, and managed.

If you would like a free 30-day trial to see how UXp can help you with new insight into your IT operations, please contact us.