Washington, DC Wi-Fi Project

This page is publically available to share the live statistics of a pilot project we are doing at the Department of Housing Authority’s Potomac Garden facility.  ETTE along with several of our local partners want to demonstrate that bringing Wi-Fi to students can be achieved in a fast and cost-effective manner. This project will last 90 days from the start of Wi-Fi services going live. We will provide 400 unique login credentials that will be distributed by Potomac Garden management to their residents. Every 30 days we will provide DCHA management with empirical data about how many devices have accessed this pilot network and how much data was consumed.

This pilot is completely self-funded by ETTE and our local partners.

It is our hope that by sharing our data with DCHA it will enable them to make informed decisions moving forward based on empirical data. This should result in more residents at Potomac Gardens and other DCHA facilities to get the broadband access they need to help address the needs of DCPS students in this age of COVID 19.