Our Partners

We partner with many of the leading global IT solutions providers like Microsoft, VMWare, and Ingram Micro. We also partner with local resources that are the best of the breed. We know that no one is the best at everything they do. We work with companies that have the expertise our clients require. Our focus on partnerships is to have best of breed solutions for clients. Sometimes that requires a large multi-national, and other times, it requires the small business down the street. All our partners share our deeply held belief that the client’s best interest always comes first.

Local Partners

RESULTS ONE, LLC (CBE#: LSR42324092022)

Results One, LLC, is a training, IT, and professional development consulting firm that is a 100% woman-owned, minority small business and local CBE located in the District of Columbia. Results One’s principals have more than 25 years of experience in the corporate and legal fields. Kim Greenfield Alfonso is the Founder and CEO of Results One LLC. We are committed to working with organizations to ensure an environment of dignity, respect, accessibility, and inclusion through delivering customized, high-quality training, digital accessibility testing, and consulting services. Results One LLC has worked closely with local DC government agencies, including but not limited to DC Department of Employment Services, DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Department of Vehicle for Hire and Department of Health, as well as local non-profits.


Founded in 2000, Bailey Systems is a leading provider of outsourced IT services in the DC area. Our commitment to quality and reliability is the hallmark of each of our core business practices, including Infrastructure wiring and solutions, Audio and visual solutions, CCTV, Secure Access Control, and Installation. Bailey Systems is a small business IT services company, licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice Services and registered small business federal vendor.


NewConnect, the Greater DC area’s leading Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider, was founded in 2011 as the alternative to the legacy bell and cable networks. By engineering advanced microwave and millimeter access technologies, NewConnect securely transmits the most sensitive data at the highest capacity, while providing uninterrupted access to critical cloud applications that run Government and Enterprise business. Our next-generation network was built above ground to avoid the challenges and limitations of underground telecom networks. This independent design puts NewConnect in the driver’s seat to control the time of delivery, speed of transmission, reliability, and the overall customer experience.


The Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI) is a boutique consulting firm focusing on the human capital approach to workforce development, leadership development, executive coaching, and people analytics. For over a decade, CHCI has delivered its comprehensive expertise to significant components of the US Federal Government, local governments, non-profits, universities, and private businesses (including fortune 500, 100 companies). Today, we join forces with the DC WIFI team to support the expansion of internet access to DCPS students. As a second responder to the technical team delivering internet access, CHCI offers a wealth of knowledge and experience that can support the amplification and leverage of the new resource through community engagement and workforce development efforts.


On-Ramps to Careers is a non-profit business-education partnership that makes the educational onramps to technology jobs more attainable to youth in the Nation’s Capital. On-Ramps encourages youth and young adults to pursue IT education and career pathways that will lead to gainful employment or business ownership in the Washington DC Metro area. It provides employers with a reliable infrastructure to inspire students and shape the region’s future workforce. Our active board of business and education leaders works with our staff and school partners to create internships and work-based learning experiences.

National Partners


OctoInsight Inc. is a young, lean IT enterprise based in Northern Virginia, with a presence in Canada, the UK, and Germany. The company has developed UXp, a very lightweight tool that captures and measures all delays experienced by users on Windows® desktops, identifying root causes, based on actual rather than machine data. ​UXp reveals everything that hinders a desktop user’s swift access to apps and websites, capturing every second of wait time, flagging trouble, and calibrating hidden costs. UXp is a powerful tool – especially important to HelpDesk and Service Desk teams, for raising the success rate of digital transitions, which lifts productivity, employee morale, and retention.