Improving an IT Setup with Specialty Services

Improving an IT Setup with Specialty Services

Small Business IT Services

With over 14 years in business, ETTE has successfully provided IT services for Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our systems have proven to increase efficiency, add security, and lower costs, giving our clients the tools they need to move into the future with confidence.

We create customized plans that give you exactly the services you need so that you can take advantage of the latest IT technology currently available.  Our IT consulting services can help you determine the best approach for your hardware and software needs. We strive to help you realize the best return on your IT investment.

Below, are just a few of the professional services we offer, but we do customize every plan so you can get exactly what your company needs without paying for unnecessary services.


Building a network infrastructure that meets the ongoing needs of your business can be challenging for any company, but ETTE can create the perfect IT plan for you. We offer a broad range of products and services that allow your business to get customized IT solutions.

We also work with a number of top-notch partners who can provide you with discounted products. Our cloud computing services are designed to answer your networking needs with affordable on-site server hosting. We also provide exceptional IT hardware repairs. Just call us and we’ll schedule a repairman to come out right away. Or you can drop off malfunctioning computer equipment for repairs.


With software programs changing daily, it’s easy to fall behind in the race to maintain the best computer software. ETTE keeps you on top of the ever-changing landscape of new and innovative software. We also assist companies that have chosen the wrong software solutions and who need to make some corrections to get the best service. Even the biggest companies have problems with conflicting software or errors arising from employees visiting dangerous websites or clicking on suspicious email links. If you believe your company network has inadvertently been affected by viruses or spyware, it’s important to resolve those issues before they do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. ETTE can help fix expensive problems like this or simply help you correctly upgrade outdated software.

We provide state-of-the-art diagnostics and IT solutions that will have your business up and running smoothly in no time, whether you just need a quick fix or an entirely new system.


Good maintenance for your IT systems is imperative if you want to keep things running smoothly 24/7. Just one big system failure can cost your company thousands of dollars. That’s why we recommend a professional ETTE maintenance plan for both desktops and servers. When you need to keep your systems up-to-date, discover and solve problems, and prevent future issues, a maintenance plan from ETTE is the perfect solution. We offer plans at a variety of price points to serve clients large and small across the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.


With 24/7 network monitoring services, historical data reporting, and the knowledge and experience to analyze and interpret data, ETTE proudly offers expert help pinpointing and correcting network issues. Our goal is to help your business operate more efficiently and avoid troublesome networking problems.


We know that you’re busy running your business and that’s why ETTE is the perfect partner for handling your IT systems management.

You can take advantage of one of our monthly maintenance plans or simply call us for hardware and software emergencies. We also offer a fast and secure cloud computing network that can make your life easier and take away those IT system failure headaches.

We’d love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us. We offer free IT consultations. Or you can read more about our IT services in the right hand column.