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ETTE IT Support Services

International Capabilities old

ETTE is a US-based company with international reach. When people learn that we have an office in Bolivia, the first question is “Why Bolivia?” The answer is pretty clear. My wife and business partner, Brigida, is from Bolivia. My family and I decided to relocate to her home country for a few years. During our time there, I came to appreciate Bolivia’s abundance of highly educated engineers looking for a good work environment. Our sister company in Bolivia, Guyot Technology, was born.

Our ownership and management are identical. We operate as one company. We find that it is a classic win-win situation. Our clients in Bolivia have access to US technology, and our US customers benefit from having bilingual assistance from a talented group of technicians. We like to be transparent so that is why we mention our overseas capabilities on our website. For organizations that require only US-based staff, we can meet this requirement through our Washington DC team.