Renatto Narvaez

How Will the Metaverse Help Evolve CX

July 26, 2022,


Despite the absence of many top tech companies, CES still showcased plenty of promising new ideas and technologies. The metaverse was the theme that caught most people’s attention, and below are some ideas about how the metaverse will affect CX in the future. These are some of the more promising metaverse benefits.

1. Metaverse Becomes Experience Economy Crown Jewel

The metaverse might seem like a sci-fi movie right now. But, in reality, it will become an integral part of the future economy, and it will allow consumers to experience more than just the physical world.

The metaverse will allow consumers to experience a wider variety of experiences, including but not limited to virtual currencies, immersive gaming and more. The goal is to create an experience economy that is pure and not something that’s traditionally considered intangible. This will accelerate digital transformation. While the metaverse is still in its early stages, it is clear that it will be integral to the brand identity of any company.

2. Metaverse Belongs to All

The metaverse is not a single vendor, and the easiest way to build experiences that will allow mass consumption to be possible is by making everything interoperable. Instead of having walled gardens, metaverse in business will allow companies to create experiences that allow customers to move around seamlessly.

A customer might want to shop for something from a particular store, but they may also want to experience the whole store in virtual reality. Although the various apps and hardware may be present in the same app, they will all work seamlessly together.

Those who don’t support interoperability will fall behind as the metaverse will be full of blended experiences. There has already been an uptick in industry-wide interoperability efforts.

3. Boundaries Need to Be Drawn

Due to the rise of smart devices, the home automation presentation that was showcased at CES 2022 is becoming more prevalent. With multi-device platforms becoming the norm, consumers will have more responsibility to make sure their brand is present in the right way. Privacy settings will initially be handled differently for various reasons, but they will eventually be easier to manage and will enhance the customer experience.

According to a Washington Post article, virtual reality headsets can collect more data than traditional screens. VR technology could also allow employers to monitor our activities and even our minds. However, there are still concerns about how this will affect children and the privacy of consumers.

4. Accessibility and Sustainability More Important

With the number of devices and accessories that people have, the amount of packaging that goes into their hands increases dramatically. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to reduce packaging waste without sacrificing the environment.

Instead of focusing on just one aspect of the marketing strategy, every brand will need to have a strong environmental focus. The brands that are already doing this are already taking action. Local laws will also be made to expedite these efforts.

The metaverse will provide an entirely new level of digital access that will be unprecedented. To be successful, brands will need to think of ways to make their offerings more accessible to everyone and enhance the customer experience.