Our Performance - Unfiltered

In an effort to be transparent about our helpdesk performance, I have created this near real-time document. The times shown on this page are updated automatically every 30 minutes. This exercise in transparency is about as good as it gets without granting you access to our helpdesk 🙂

Based on our helpdesk system, for the last 7 days, our median 1st response time has been 00:30:14. That means that half of our tickets have been addressed sooner than that and half afterward. We chose this metric because it more accurately represents our ticket handling than a simple average. During the trailing 14 days, our median response time has been 00:32:59 and the last 30 days its been 00:48:52.

Another key statistic is the average ticket close time which means the time it takes to resolve the reported issue. For the past 7 days, we have been averaging . If you are curious about how this compares to your current provider, I encourage you to ask them for it. I'm confident that our performance will stand up very well against our local competition. For the trailing 14 days we have averaged 19:00:52 and the trailing 30 days, we've averaged 13:54:36.

I hope you have found this dynamic document informative. We are proud of our work product and the timely manner in which we deliver it.

Lawrence Guyot