8 Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

8 Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

There is always a search for better ways for small business owners to store their data. The cloud storage solutions that we will discuss in this blog post offer a number of benefits, including high security and affordability.

When it comes to organizing your company’s files or want an easy way to share information between employees and clients, then these eight options could be perfect for you!


The Benefits of Cloud Storage Solutions

There are many benefits to cloud storage solutions for small business owners:

* Security – The security measures in place ensure that all documents and other important company material remain secure at all times. Companies can also customize their settings so that only certain people have access to sensitive materials.

* Accessibility – All employees should have equal access to company files regardless of where they are located, as long as they’re connected online. No more worries about losing important papers due to secure remote access.

*Cost-Effective – Many companies find that it is cheaper to store data in the cloud instead of purchasing costly servers.

Cloud Storage Options

Box – Box is the most popular cloud storage for small businesses and companies with up to 250 employees. Box offers a variety of pricing plans, so you can find what you need to suit your budget. It also includes additional features like Box Sync, which allows you to sync folders from your desktop or laptop onto the cloud.

Microsoft OneDrive – OneDrive is a cloud storage option from Microsoft, and it offers plenty of space for storing all your files with up to five gigabytes.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – AWS is a cloud storage solution that offers easy-to-manage, scalable cloud computing services for businesses.

Dropbox – Dropbox is a cloud storage smb that offers up to 100 gigabytes of storage for free.

Syncplicity – This cloud hosting service offers up to 250 GB of storage, sync, and share options for files.

JustCloud – This service offers a 60 day full-service trial for small businesses, with up to five gigabytes of storage.

SpiderOak – SpiderOak is a cloud storage smb that offers up to two terabytes of cloud storage.

OpenDrive – This service offers up to two terabytes of storage and data recovery.

The cloud provides a number of free storage solutions for small businesses, and these are some of the most popular ones.

Cloud storage is a fast-growing industry that’s seen a lot of innovation in recent years.

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