5 Ways that AI is Shaping Analytics in 2021

Times change fast with technology and analytics is experiencing many changes throughout the year 2021. New automation of data analysis processes is replacing those of the past clearing the way for new methods of handling machine learning and big data. This article will cover 5 ways AI is changing in 2021.

1. AI is Changing the Handling of Data

AI helps businesses to pick apart massive amounts of data in a new way. More businesses are exploring AI opportunities and how they can help the business understand more analytics. Automated data reports and AI-powered bi tools are helping push businesses into the future.

2. Analytics Power

The power of analytics continues to grow with the implementations of AI-based analysis. Past analytics could be viewed in increments, such as at the end of the month, however, now analytics can be in real-time, which allows for daily analytics, not only monthly. Analytics is helping to save time reviewing analytics.

3. Humans are Better With AI

Many think that AI will remove all human workers in no time, however, this is not true. There are many menial tasks in the field of analytics and AI algorithms and programs are helping to interpret data analytics in 2021 faster.

4. AI Helps Create Strategy into the Future

Metric-based goals are a task that AI can help a company with. However, AI has new technology that is helping companies prepare for better cybersecurity in the future. Cloud-based AI technologies are riskier, so more security is needed.

5. Big Data Needs AI to Succeed

Humans can work hard to collect and analyze data and then go through the data to come to strong business conclusions. AI technology handles many of these tasks and handles them at a faster rate than a human mind. With the increasing pace of data tracking, collection, and analysis being performed currently, AI will be needed to make the most of all the data collected. AI helps highlight important information that can be missed.



AI shaping analytics is helping guide the way analytics will be collected and interpreted in the future. Human analytics professionals will find that AI will not replace their position, rather, AI will help make the word more in-depth and help access and layout better results faster. Many businesses are finding the time is now to introduce AI into the company.


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